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Application for Admission

Students should refer to the Department Admission Rubric for more information on admission considerations by the Admissions Committee. 

Admission Rubric

A2 Admission Information

Now accepting Applications for Fall 2018

Deadline March 1st, 2018  

Call the ASN office @ 859-622-1943 for additional questions.

A2-HESI test dates for Fall 2018 Semester:   January: 12th, 19th, and 26th.  February: 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 28th.

                   Students need to arrive at 10:00am for the A2 test.   

Call Heather Pusey @ 859-622-3576 to schedule your test date.  

Estimated Costs

Credit Transfer


All students who are admitted to Eastern Kentucky University and declare their major as associate degree nursing are admitted as pre-associate degree nursing majors. However, admission to the University does not guarantee admission to the Associate Degree Nursing Program. Students are eligible to be considered for admission to the Associate Degree Nursing Program only after having been admitted to the University . Applications for the Associate Degree Nursing program are available through the department office or online at http:

Applicants are eligible to be considered for admission who have: 

  1. Met University requirements for proficiency in English, reading and mathematics. 
  2. Met the Pre-College Curriculum requirements. 
  3. A high school or college (cumulative and EKU) GPA of 2.5 or a 4.0 scale).
  4. Grades of "C" or better in any supporting courses that have been completed.
  5. Completed the Nursing Assessment (A2) exam with a minimum score of 75 in specified areas of Reading, Vocabulary, Grammar and Math.  Students may contact the Academic Testing Office for more information at 859-622-1281. 
  6. In addition to the academic criteria required for admission, applicants must meet the standards written into the Commonwealth of Kentucky Nurse Practice Act. Specifically, the Nurse Practice Act requires that each student be of good moral and ethical character, good mental and physical health, and be academically qualified to fulfill the role and responsibilities of a person licensed to practice as a professional nurse.  Applicants for nursing programs should review licensure information posted on the Kentucky Board of Nursing's website (, including information for candidates with a history of prior criminal convictions.  Criminal convictions may serve to disqualify a person from participating in required clinical learning experiences.  Students must meet all clinical agency placement requirements.

Applications are considered for the fall semester (received by March 1), and for the spring semester (received by October 1). Applications received after the deadline will be processed on a space availability basis. The Department Admissions Committee will evaluate each applicant's academic history and select those applicants who are the most academically qualified. Should there be more qualified applicants than spaces available, admission becomes competitive and applicants will be ranked according to an admissions scoring rubric. Admission to the program is limited and completion of eligibility criteria does not ensure admission into the program.


Progression in the program. 
In order for students to follow the established progression of the program sequence, they must: 

  1. Meet all prerequisites. 
  2. Maintain a cumulative and EKU GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale. 
  3. Complete all major and prerequisite courses with a C or better.
  4. Grades of "C" or better in any supporting courses that have been completed.

Clinical Requirements

Transportation to all clinical experiences is the responsibility of the student.  Students are expected to adhere to all Department and clinical agency policies and must meet all clinical agency placement requirements.  To be compliant with Joint Commission regulations, clinical agency contractual agreements, and ensure a safe clinical environment the following items are required before a student can progress to a clinical experience:

  1. Proof of professional liability insurance purchased through the University.
  2. Proof of CPR for the Health Care Professional, Sponsored by the American Heart Association.
  3. Proof of Rubella, Measles (Rubeola), and Mumps immunity.
  4. Proof of Hepatitis B immunity.
  5. Proof of negative Tuberculosis screening.
  6. Proof of Varicella immunity.
  7. Documentation of adult TDaP vaccine (Tetanus, Diptheria, Acellular Pertussis).
  8. Documentation of annual influenza vaccine.
  9. Documentation of the CHS-approved Criminal Background Check.
  10. Documentation of the CHS-approved Drug Screening.
  11. Proof of Personal Health Insurance.
  12. Other documentation as required by specific clinical facilities.


Transfer students must meet the following criteria in addition to admission criteria of Eastern Kentucky University and the Department of Associate Degree Nursing: 

  1. The nursing credits transferred must be comparable to Department nursing credits for a maximum of 16 semester credits. 
  2. A complete course outline, and/or syllabi must be submitted for each nursing course being evaluated for transfer credit. 
  3. Transfer credits must meet passing standards of the nursing program from which they are transferred.
  4. Transfer credits must be from a nationally accredited program. 

Each transfer student's application will be considered on an individual basis by the Department Chair and the Department Admissions Committee.  


A student who fails to progress in the nursing curriculum is dismissed from the program and must apply for readmission and be processed through the Admissions/Progression Committee. Applications for readmission are available in the Nursing office.  The committee represents the Department of Associate Degree Nursing and has the authority in readmission decisions for the department. Readmission to a nursing course is not guaranteed to any student. The student is advised to refer to the Department Student Handbook for specific procedures concerning readmission. 


Students may appeal decisions related to progression and readmission. Appeal procedures are outlined in the Department Student Handbook.


Semester     Application Deadline
Spring October 1st
Fall March 1st


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